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About Us

We at Kristina Lee Studios want to make sure that you have access to the best local artists and their art. A place where you can encourage local artists to grow and have a career in which they excel.


Art is subjective, and we have artists who can allow you to learn and bring you the right perspective with a twist.


We have Calligraphy artists who can help showcase their art on a canvas, and you can provide them with recognition.


Sewing is also an art, and we can show you beautiful art pieces created by people which will simply mesmerize you.


A clay sculpture can make for an amazing centre piece, and with the beautiful piece, we have to offer can grab your attention.

Student Speak

“They have given opportunities to all from students to homemakers to show their creativity and has allowed us to take the right approach.”

-Robert T. Davis

Work Recognition Certificate

We also provide you with a certificate to prove your association with us boasting about your creative skill.

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Contemporary Art

Understanding Contemporary Art

The world of contemporary art is not a strange one, although people tend to get confused about its modern interpretation. Due to this level of uncertainty, contemporary art brings out different meanings in the minds of people who have no clue about the same. So to eliminate this particular outcome and bring out an exact scenario, we are going ahead to decode contemporary art and help you understand the history behind the art. Hence, keep reading if you wish to know more.


In the most basic sense, contemporary art refers to paintings, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, and so on that are produced today. But this simple definition might not be what you see around because artists have their own interpretation of the matter. On the other hand, one can also argue about the usage of the term “today” and what it means. While the exact origin of the art is unknown, many art historians consider the late 1960s or early 1970s to be the right estimate. Performance Art Although contemporary art goes by the definition, “art of today”, it has a long history that details its evolution. While going through this long history, you will come across various categories and styles like pop art, conceptualism, street art, minimalism, performance art, installation art, photorealism and so on. All these forms of art have played an essential role in shaping contemporary art and helping people understand all that it stood for. So to get a detailed account of these categories, let us now move ahead and look into a few of them.
  1. Performance Art - beginning in the 1960s, performance art has managed to bring forward a unique concept that is being widely practised to this very day. Performers and artists try their best to convey art through aspects and tools that are most familiar to them.
  2. Minimalism - just like performance art, minimalism also materialized in the 1960s and continues to be a predominant force. The simple and abstract aesthetic art form invites viewers to respond to what they see and not what they think. By doing so, they will be able to get a clear picture that talks about minimalism.
  3. Photorealism - as a concurrent movement at creating hyperrealistic drawings and paintings, photorealism stands to be an essential art form that incorporates creativity by taking things forward to a whole different direction. Photo Realists work on photographs that promote them to reproduce portraits, landscapes, and so on accurately
  4. Street Art - as a recent entrant to the world of contemporary art, street art has developed through time. Although it began with graffiti in the 1980s, it went on to be associated with social activism and various other concepts.